The First Cat Litter Box -- Specifically Designed to Make Your Scooping Chore a Breeze.

Biddy Cat Litter Box Video

Tall Sides Keep Litter In.
Extra Smooth Surface Makes Cleanup Easy when Your Cat's Aim isn't Purrfect.

People who love their cats love the Biddy Cat litter box. Biddy Cat’s tall sides and large volume (25" long x 19" wide x 8.5" deep) keep waste and litter in the container, not on the floor. Biddy Cat’s unique and ergonomic curved design makes cleanup and maintenance fast and easy. Compare the ingenious Biddy Cat litter box to all others and you’ll agree—Biddy Cat is simply the best.

Cat looking up
Closeup of Biddy Cat litter box

No corners?
No problem

Conventional cat litter boxes have tight corners where pet waste can accumulate. Biddy Cat’s curved shape allows for quick and easy cleanup with a simple and efficient scooping motion as seen in our video.
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Maine Coon cat

The Straight Scoop from Biddy Cat Believers

If your beloved kitty could talk, here’s what she’d have to say about the Biddy Cat litter box…
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